Avis Lilley












Virgo and Rooster


Earth and Metal


Janan (father), Dima (mother), Mumin (younger brother)


Draycott, Qunia Kingdom


No information

Class: Assassin Edit

Lockpicks and shadows are Avis' best friend; because she has some anatomy similar to a bat, she is much more suited to move around in darkness.  Avis can take down almost anyone, because most never see her coming.  She generally won’t fight one-on-one unless she has the advantage.  If she doesn't have the element of surprise, Avis will more likely retreat and wait for another opportunity to strike.

General Appearance Edit

Avis has a slender, athletic build built for moving quickly and quietly. Her clothing and armor are usually dark, lightweight and flexible. She has a favorite pair of beaten-up old boots that are kept up on her legs by buckled straps and are handy for concealing blades. She never wears long-sleeved clothing because of the bat-like webbing that extends from her wrist to her shoulders; technically she has eight fingers on each hand because of the “wings”. They do not allow her to fly, though. In the winter she settles with thick cloaks instead of coats.

Occupation Edit

After the Lilley family moved to Qunia in hopes of a bright future, they had a difficult time settling in. They accepted work in any trade they had any proficiency in, and eventually became woodworkers. Having settled just outside of a small town, Draycott, the Lilley family began to work with the local blacksmith, which was run by the Marquis family. To earn extra money, Avis and occasionally her brother Mumin, once old enough, would be sent out to help in the fields that supplied food for the village. Avis’ crossbow was granted to as a surprise on her birthday; it was the first serious project she'd worked on.

In Avis’ free time, she befriended some of the other youths her age in Draycott; Mika Marquis and Petrus Hinkson. Shortly after the three had become close, however, Draycott was sacked by the Erlach empire. Avis’ family and home remained unscathed because of it’s distance from the village, but the suffering of her friends and their families did not go unnoticed by Avis. The three vowed to never let their village be ransacked again, and formed an alliance that would allow for marital and weapon training of the townsfolk. As life moved on in Draycott, however, so did people’s interest in the group, and eventually all that was left was Avis and her two friends. Nevertheless, the three kept their vow and have already successfully cut down on bandit raids on the roads surrounding the town.

Personality Edit

Avis is cool and mellow as a still pond in autumn. Despite her outwardly aloof appearance, she is diligent and willing to work hard to achieve her goals. She has an analytical mind and loves order, but also the outdoors. She will almost never ask for help and dislikes being the center of attention, preferring to work in the background. Her work often takes her a long time because of her tendency towards perfectionism. She can be conceited, so beware insulting her or her passions. She tends to be in a poor mood when outside during bright days, withdrawing and often refusing to speak to anyone. Heavily overcast days or at night are the best times to get to know her.

Avis' family consists of her father Janana. her mother Dima, and her younger brother Mumin. Her mother and father are natives of Eslain, and moved to Qunia for "financial reasons", which is the extent of the explanation Avis has gotten out of them. Because her family is both foreign many of the citizens of Qunia were unwelcoming, despite the family even going to the length of changing their last name to fit in better. The Lilley's nocturnal nature also made it difficult for her family to get along with people who are diurnal and do their work and play during daylight hours. The Marquis, a blacksmith family of raccoons, were truly the reason why the Lilley family decided to stay in Draycott.

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