Crevan Hayden












Pisces and Dragon


Water and earth


Niall (father/deceased), Kenina (mother), Aileas (younger sister)


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Class: Rogue Edit

Crevan's main talent lies in mixing potions and poisons. Otherwise, his adeptness at illusion magic is likely what allows him to succeed in his other endeavors; selling potions and poisons, seducing women and getting out of trouble. If his illusion spells don't work, he'll switch to his silver tongue. If all all else fails, Crevan is a master of running away, because his illusion spells won't always affect those with stronger wills or sharper minds. Although he brags that he's a master with the sword he keeps at his hip, he truly wouldn't be able to win a fight even if he tried.

General Appearance Edit

Crevan has light brown hair, bordering on blonde, and sea foam green eyes. He likes to put on a facade of wealth; he wears shirts with large, flowing sleeves, low-cut collars and plenty of shiny gold embellishing. Crevan also likes to wear fine, black leather boots and form-fitting trousers that show off his legs. The sword he keeps at his hip is purely for display; not only is it adorned with gold and homed in a fancily garnished sheath, but he also has no idea how to use it properly.

Defining Features Edit

Crevan's eyes seems to glitter with vitality and snark, and draw attention easily. He has a few black markings, mainly on the tips of his ears and tail. He also has a very sharply angled jawline. His hands look as though they have the potential to be strong, but just haven't been put to much use.

Physique Edit

Crevan is slender but not that tall; he really only has defined muscle in his legs because of all the traveling that he does.

Occupation Edit

Crevan is a professional con artist, charming his wares into people's hands with charm and a silver tongue. His primary profession is making potions, and for the more dangerous and well paying types, poisons. His secondary profession, however, is having a total weak spot for ladies. It's more common for Crevan to be ran out of town for trying to bed a married woman than for selling illegal elixirs.

However, Crevan gets tangled up in one of his most dangerous attractions when Shinori walks into ________, the town he's most recently set up his business in. It is as immediately obvious that Crevan falls hard and fast for her as it is that she is being tailed by the royal guard posted in the town.

He takes an intense and annoying interest in Shinori, which might eventually turn from feelings of lust to feelings of genuine love.  Crevan has been kicked out of a few towns for harassing women, and is currently trying to make a living at his newest home in ________, selling potions.  He still gets up to his usual mischief, however, and one couldn’t help to think that he’d soon be packing his bags and hightailing it out of this town as well.

Personality Edit

He has almost an impulsive to immediately hit on any woman who catches his fancy.  This blatant disrespect to women, and whoever they may be previously involved with, has gotten him into trouble plenty of times.  This only reason some angry husband hasn’t smothered him in his sleep yet is because Crevan is very good with words. He’ll tell those few who admire him that he thoroughly convinced someone that the sky is really another ocean, still from the lack of wind in the heights of the stars. Other than than, he is not above using an illusion or two to “help” convince people of his point of view.

History Edit

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