Welcome to the Hidden Stars WikiEdit

This wiki is for a book my friends and I are collaborating on. Thus far the main content that has been put up is information pertaining to the characters that will appear through the Hidden Stars stories.

Note: The "Class" category that describes the characters' fighting styles takes inspiration from the adventure RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Information about the the world as a whole is still in development, as is the plot and many finer details.

The Story Thus Far...Edit

Qunia is a newly risen kingdom, formed from brutal bloodshed and expansion. The ruling family of wolves, the Erlachs, broke away from the Paeyae kingdom when Roman Erlach was accused and banished for the attempted assassination of the heir apparent, his younger sister Lara. Roman rose to power after a Qunian native, Cynthia, got him back on his feet after his exile and fueled his desire for revenge on his royal Paeyaen family. The two married and have become a startlingly formidable and persuasive couple, conquering land from the three neighboring kingdoms at an increasing rate. Unrest has become increasingly high from Paeyae in the south and Sao'olor to the north, but another problem troubles the new king of Qunia: a prophecy brought to him by a loyal servant, telling of three people who will bring about his downfall. Being a superstitious man the king has put out a head hunt for anyone matching the descriptions, but will he find them in time?

Latest activityEdit

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