Lilura Krupnick
Name Lilura Krupnick
Gender Female
Race Fox
Age 47 (But no one will ever dare tell her she looks a day over 30)
Sexuality Pan
Horoscopes Gemini and Dragon
Class Agent
Elements Air and Earth
Hair/Eyes She has reddish brunette hair, just a few shades darker than her fur. Her eyes are an usual balance of green and gold
Physique From years of smoking, Lilura has the figure of a walking skeleton. Although she still technically has breasts and hips, it’s very hard to tell; some people can swear they’ve seen her adjusting something under the top of her dress. Out of earshot, of course.
Occupation Shinori's mentor
Friends Rats and Monkeys
Foes Sagittarius and Dogs
Relations Unknown
Extra Notes Unknown

Class Edit

Quite clever with words as well as locks; there are few secrets that are kept from Lilura.  She’s also fairly good at convincing people to buy her little “magical” baubbles after they get their “fortune” read.  If she desires to, she’s good at blending into shadows and putting on the “little old lady” act.

General Appearance Edit

Lilura’s clothes are reminiscent of flappers from the 20s; just don’t tell her she’s ahead of her time, she already knows.  She likes floppy hats, low cut dresses that stop at the knees in the front, but keep going in the back, and long strands of beaded necklaces.  She also like feathers, be them in fluffy boas or her hat.

Defining Features Edit

Whenever she doesn't have a feathery mess of a boa around her neck, she has an actual boa (snake), draped across her shoulders.  This particular boa is speculated to not be from the mortal world, for it is solid black with red, glaring eyes.  Lilura enjoys leaving customers alone in rooms with her snake.  More than once has Lilura been dubbed a witch or a shaman, but not many really want to test the truth behind those rumors.  She’s also an avid smoker, and shows no signs of wishing to kick the habit.

Occupation Edit

Lilura acts as a sort of aunt to Shinori, even though they’re not related.  She is a, supposedly, a powerful fortune teller who can see the fate of all who pay the right amount.  She has the whole getup, too; her outlandish clothes, house and various possessions completely support the rumors.  She even has a glowing crystal ball.  Not even I know how she gets it to do that.

Personality Edit

By all means, Lilura is one of the most laid back people you will ever meet.  Also one of the most ambitious; it just depends on the day you catch her on.  She doesn't take shit from anyone and can smell a lie a mile away, but she also has the tendency to boss people about. She's never one to put too much time into any one thing; you’ll find that she knows at least a little on a broad range of subjects.

History Edit

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