Mika Marquis


Mika Marquis








Taurus and Ox




Earth and Earth


Sarah's sister


Mother, Sarah Marquis (Sister)

Class Edit

As much capable around the forge as she is with heavy weapons.

General Appearance Edit

Mika is a strong girl; her arms are muscular from wielding heavy weapons such as great swords and axes.  Otherwise, she has an athletic build, but surprisingly retains much of her femininity.  She wears a one piece coverall that can be synched up on the legs and arms in order to keep her clothes from catching fire in the forge.  Her hair is also usually done up in a half-hearted bun.

Occupation Edit

Although she helps her mother run the family farm, she’s also worked on setting up a blacksmith’s forge for the town.  It brings in a fair amount of business, for she is rather talented and making and repairing armor, despite not liking to wear much of it.  With her friends Avis and Petrus, Mika decided to make a trio of defenders for her town after is was attacked.

Personality Edit

Mika is the definition of down to earth.  Although not as aloof and disconnected as her sister, she’s definitely very stoic, and only speaks when she feels necessary.  She’s a hard worker, and feels no shame in spending her own money in fancy things that she never uses. She has to be in control of the household, and often takes the responsibility of running the farm and the forge forcibly over her mother.  Any plans must be given to her in advance; God help the one who tells her that they’ve changed, because she will not stand for it.  She is very homely to those in need, and will open her home to the less suspicious weary travelers that come into town.

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