Niq Sobol
Name Niq Sobol
Gender Female
Race Wolf
Age 25
Sexuality Straight
Horoscopes Cancer & Dog
Class Battlemage
Elements Water & Water
Hair/Eyes Black hair with gold eyes
Physique Quite muscular yet not enough to be effeminate
Occupation Antagonist
Friends Tiger and Horse
Foes Capricorn and Dragon
Relations Unknown
Extra Notes Is able to use water magyke to her advantage when in battle.

General Appearance Edit

Niq has cream fur with a scar just under her right eye that was gained from training with the royal guard. She wears a black tunic that has slits up the side of her legs and a torn black cloak. She has a claymore strapped to her back at all times. On her shoulders she has plated Sertierite armor and tan sleeves that are rolled up at the elbows. On her calves she has bandages wrapped around them.

Defining Features Edit

Her scar under her eye suggests that someone was able to get close enough to deal a blow to the head

Personality Edit

Any good traits in Niq are non existent and all that remains are the bad ones. She is manipulative, sadistic, and extremely temperamental when it comes to things she hates. She loves killing, torturing, and  laying curses. Niq hates anyone who crosses her, opposes the royal family’s wishes, and when things don’t go her way.

History Edit

Unlike Zelda, Niq had it made. She had everything she could ever dream of and never asked questions of where it came from; because being the king’s distant niece did have its perks. Niq was trained to become a mercenary from the day she turned 13 and since then she has grown even more cold and sadistic

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