Sashi Nightingale


Captain Nightingale










Gemini and Rat


Air and water


No known family


The Moselle (ship)


No information

Class: Acrobat Edit

Years of working on ships have left Sashi nimble and strong. She is proficient in a variety of weapons, and will use anything laying around in a fight. She’s best with bladed weapons, but also knows how to block blows and how to shoot with a bow if one is made available. Information is also one of her weapons, her glib tongue and swift fingers allowing her to obtain it and pass it along with ease.

General Appearance Edit

Sashi has soft, dark charcoal grey colored fur with long black hair and dark blue-green eyes. She’s strong and lithe from weeks running a ship; the only reason she doesn’t have rippling muscles is because of the malnutrition that can come from living out at sea. She has a “vase” shaped body, meaning that she has broad, strong shoulders, a long torso and short legs. Her breasts are large, her waist small and her hips wide; she is overall a very appealing lady, knows this, and will use it to her advantage.

Occupation Edit

Sashi is the captain of The Moselle, a pirate ship that disguises itself as a merchant ship. She is well known as captain Nightingale.

Personality Edit

Sashi is a no-nonsense kind of woman who takes flack from absolutely no one and is sharp as a tack; it wasn't easy becoming a "respectable" female (pirate) captain. She's always up for conversation, but don't think that means she'll let anything slip about herself or her agendas; more likely you'll end up telling her everything she wants to know and then some.

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