Sarah Marquis
Name Sarah Marquis
Gender Female
Race Raccoon
Age 18
Sexuality Bi
Horoscopes Aquarius and Ox
Class Archer
Elements Air and Earth
Hair/Eyes Sarah has dark brown hair and pale green eyes that reflect yellow at night
Physique Sarah has strong arms from a combination of farm work and hunting with her bow. Otherwise, she is fairly average in height and weight; she has a mild hourglass figure.
Occupation Sarah is Shinori’s childhood friend.
Friends Roosters and Snakes
Foes Leos and Goats
Relations Mother, Mika Marquis (Sister)
Extra Notes Shinori being her closest, and one of her only friends, has supported Shinori’s choice to seek revenge, and might have even prodded her towards the decision.

Class Edit

Sarah prefer to take down a foe before they even realize she’s there.  Thus, she’s very good at sneak about until she finds a good vantage point before initiating an attack.  She prefers not to use armor, as she feels it only slows her down.  If she is caught, she will use a dagger as a last form of self defense.

General Appearance Edit

Sarah wears simple, practical clothing that is easy to move about in, and reliable boots.  She has a preference towards wearing a foresty green color, and most of her tops have a hood attached.  She is rather stoic, and not much emotion registers on her face when around strangers.  Amongst friends, however, her aloof exterior vanishes a bit, you you may even see her smile for a while.  She has the typical markings of a raccoon; a mask over the eyes, black ears and paws, and a striped tail.

Defining Features Edit

Sarah has a strong jaw and stocky body, which sets her apart from her older, more feminine sister.  She almost always has her bow and quiver strapped across her back.

Personality Edit

Sarah almost always has a cool and calculated air about her, almost acting as if she’s above everyone else.  She honestly doesn’t think this though, and this attitude is only a protective shell against the unforgiving world, as she sees it.  She is quite sincere in all of her endeavors and is very loyal to those who gain her trust.  She doesn’t particularly like standing alone, but will if she feels the need.  She is fiercely against the tyrannical rule of the current monarchy, and tries to see the suffering of those she meets righted.  She’d gladly join her sister’s band of three revolutionaries, if they would let her.

Occupation Edit

Alongside her mother and sister, she helps to work the family farm.

History Edit

On a summer’s eve in her childhood, Sarah’s village was attacked by royal soldiers, because it was rumored that revolutionaries were hiding nearby.  The soldiers killed her father and eldest brother; her family was known for helping those they “shouldn’t”.  After the attack, much of the town was set ablaze.  It wasn’t until about a week later that Sarah found Shinori is the woods while she was hunting.  The hospitality her family had always provided bubbled up in her mind, and she couldn’t help but take the other girl home with her.  The two have been close friends ever since.

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