Shinori Lantieri












Libra and Rat


Air and fire


Harukit (father/deceased), Chouko (mother/deceased)


Draycott (previous)


No information

Class: Battlemage Edit

Before actually attacking, Shinori prefers to disable foes with magical illusions.  She can calm, enrage or simply befuddle foes, as well as conjure thick fog to the surrounding area to hide her appearance. She carries a compact spell book around, which has instructions on how to cast spells and mix basic potions. The book is also good for thumping people over the head when frustrated, considering how heavy it is.

General Appearance Edit

Shinori has light brown hair and pale, seafoam green eyes. She tries to keep up appearances as much as possible; her illusion of perfection is broken, however, by the numerous things that get under her skin.  Most of the time she runs around looking tired and slightly bothered by something.  Shinori's travel gear consists of enchanted leather and metal armor, a gaudy sword, her trusty spell book and small satchel tied about her waist.  Underneath her armor she tends to wear loose layers of clothing. A thin but warm cloak can be hooked onto her shoulder padding.

Defining Features Edit

She’s a red fox, so she’s bound to stand out in any crowd, especially in the north; grey foxes are more common the farther north you go, red the further south. She is sometimes mistaken for a red cat because of her lack of any distinctive fox-like markings, and although this annoys her to no end most of the time, she uses it to avoid the stigma that comes with being a fox. Her eyes, being so bright, are easy to notice and have been described as unwavering.

Physique Edit

Shinori has a “pear” shaped body, with small breasts, a narrow waist, wide hips, a short torso and long legs. She is not very muscularly toned, but work around farms her travels have led to her having more muscle in her legs and a bit of endurance. She isn't really strong enough to wield her sword properly and mostly carries it to try to be intimidating.

Personality Edit

Shinori enjoys her life the most when things are relaxing and there is as little strife as possible.  However, since there’s war and strife hovering just over the horizon at all times, her life is often not as she’d like it.  Because of this, she prefers to spend a lot of her time alone, outdoors if possible.  Her introverted nature is not always noticeable right away, as she can cooperate with others well. She is a straightforward person, and does not like deception. She has many little quirks that people often find charming, but that she does not since people often play upon those quirks to tease her. She’s rather indecisive and critical of everyone, herself included, and can carry a grudge to the grave and beyond. Shinori can get to be self-destructive, often blaming herself for everything that goes wrong. However, it is rare that anyone other than those closest to her will know when she is upset, because she is rather secretive of her feelings.

Occupation Edit

She is currently running around, having gotten wanderlust and an itching desire to get some sweet vengeance for both recent and past experiences. It's a good thing too, because not too long after she left her village, Draycott, did the royal guard come looking for someone very close to her description...

When she lived back in Draycott, Shinori mainly worked out in the fields that fed the village. She primarily lived with Lilura, a well known Qunian fortune teller, and when there learned the magic of illusion.

History Edit

On a summers’ eve in her childhood, Shinori’s village was attacked, for it was rumored that several people in an infant rebellion against the throne were hiding out nearby.  Her parents were killed, and Shinori was cursed by a priest of the royal family when she was caught running from the house.  Ever since that day, Shinori’s cursed hand has been slowly turning to stone.  In the desire to get vengeance for her parents and the cure for her curse, Shinori has learned how to defend herself, and now seeks the priest that ruined her life.

What she doesn't realize is that her naive desire for revenge will get her caught up in a much larger ploy to cruble the Erlach empire for good. Does she want this? Not even she is sure, but in the moment it not only feels right, but fulfilling.

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