Zelda Fauroat
Name Zelda Fauroat
Gender Female
Race Rat
Age 17
Sexuality Bi
Horoscopes Sagittarius and Rat
Class Archer
Elements Fire and Fire
Hair/Eyes Bronze colored hair, black eyes
Physique Lean
Occupation Protagonist
Friends Dragons and Monkeys
Foes Gemini and Horses
Relations Alister Fauroat (Father), Alys Fauroat (Mother), Tobias Fauroat (Brother), Zackeri (Brother), Tiffania Schroth (Cousin)
Extra Notes None

General Appearance Edit

Unlike Shinori, Zelda does little to keep up her appearance; yet she enjoys a nice relaxing bath. She wears a pine green cotton tunic with sleeves that go down to her elbows, and light brown tights cover her legs. She also wears brown leather boots that stop just under her knees and black leather fingerless gloves cover her hands. Zelda also wears a mottled cloak that is splashed with an aray of colors; including differing shades of grey, green, and brown.

Defining Features Edit

Zelda’s glare is something that most people can’t handle.

Personality Edit

Zelda is a stubborn girl who is practical, loyal, hardworking, kind, sensitive, wise, perceptive, thoughtful, refined, idealistic, generous and very good with the wild reptiles and birds. She will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, she is cunning and can be impatient to the point of rudeness. Zelda adores freedom, being able to choose her own path, being outdoors, and traveling. However she despises repetition, routine, confinement, limitations, restraints, tradition, her opinions shot down, inactivity, being ignored, facing difficult reality, off‑the‑wall theories, and clingy people.

History Edit

Zelda was born in a village where they rely on archery skills to survive, however it has been tradition that only males can learn such a skill and that females were responsible for caring for the household and bearing children. Zelda’s life was pretty much decided the moment she was born and she is approaching the age where suitors will finally be able to propose. It certainly doesn’t help that she has to live up to her mother’s high expectations and be constantly compared to her cousin, Tiffiania Schroth (who lives with the Fauroat’s after she lost her family to the Humming Death virus that plagued the village when Zelda was only 6 years old). When she’s not learning family traditions and breaking her back to clean the entire house, Zelda is with her twin brothers (born 7 years ago) fetching their arrows and sarcastically telling them what a good job they’re doing. Zelda wishes to be rid of this place and go her own way, however fate twists her life in unforeseen ways.

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